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In the 21st century, our world is run by the Internet. Everything we do and everything we want is there on the web. The information technology services have become the largest manpower driven industries of all times. Every year millions of software professionals, coders and programmers make their way into various aspects of software development. The Information Technology services and the software industry products are aimed at reducing the human effort to epic proportions. You can now order food, groceries, clothes, cabs and almost everything with the press of a button. Every aspect of our lives is driven by various types of personalised software. Thus, the demand for IT professionals is here to stay for the long run. ETI EDUCOM ensures that the demand for IT professionals is met with meticulously trained individuals.

ETI EDUCOM might just be a three-year-old company but the number of years has never conflicted with the kind of experience we have in our core team. ETI EDUCOM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution that trains young and fertile minds into the innovators of the future. Co-founded by Krishna Mahajan, ETI EDUCOM is a global training service providing company that expertise in Quality Management System Standard. With the advent of technology in the 21st century, the core team of ETI EDUCOM was blessed with the idea of propagating technical training amongst the youth in India. Since then, it has been an uphill ride for us in spreading technical awareness in the new generations. We aim at promoting computer literacy among the citizens of our country through “REASONABLE, AFFORDABLE & UNDERSTANDABLE” quality Computer Education.

Our core strength lies in the long term and the short term course we provide in high-end IT topics. In the last few years, the educators associated with ETI EDUCOM have diversified their teaching methods in order to enhance the core strengths of our students. Such a holistic environment to learn and grow is promised by ETI EDUCOM just to fetch high-income opportunities for students. In the last three years, we have expanded our training services to include relevant programs such as specific business domains, research, technical skill and soft skills training. Our relevant solutions and services meet international standards. ETI EDUCOM provides industry-oriented training that builds a world-class and technically-sound manpower which later on in their lives meet the industry requirements without consuming time in basic training.

To give the candidates, a taste of the real world and prepare them to suit the industry requirements ETI EDUCOM follows a unique teaching methodology. We aim to provide tailor-made solutions to every candidate enrolled with us. Our institution is associated with esteemed educators who bring a unique combination of experience, knowledge and resources to our organization. Our professional training services commit to helping students and working professionals to evolve from a novice to a valuable asset for any company as a matter of fact. In addition to the premium software development and training provided by ETI EDUCOM, the organisation is also an authorised certification partner for Certiport.

Why To Choose ETI EDUCOM?

Our Vision

The core team at ETI EDUCOM is always keen to incorporate and enhance young talents who have a technophile hidden inside them, waiting to be catered for. We envision to unleash the talent of such young minds and help them explore the world of vast opportunities that lay ahead of them after the successful completion of our program. Our vision is to simplify the complex concepts which become hurdles in effective learning.

Our Mission

The core team at ETI EDUCOM is driven by the only mission of changing the face of technical education in India. The teaching methodologies practised and preached by our knowledgeable educators match the international standards only to motivate students to gain technical education and later procure an international job opportunity. We trust in newer possibilities more than following traditional pathways and thus, we have adopted our values to suit the needs of the changing world and the ever evolving minds of students.

Our Values

Our core team at ETI EDUCOM is inspired by simple values, that is providing quality education over quantity. The holistic environment provided by us unleashes students to learn, unlearn and innovate unique possibilities which in the practical world can make a visible difference. Our organisation advocates the inculcation of the simple values preached by us so that our valuable students can get the best of the learning experience and working experiences.

Block Quotes

“ETI EDUCOM aims at empowering the youth and preparing them for the competitive world of technology. Our mission is to develop into a world-class facility that predominantly imparts valued technical knowledge. Each and every day, our core team strives to deliver high values to our students so that they can organically grow their technical knowledge and soft skills. We envision to raise the quality of life of our students so that they can achieve what they have dreamt of since the beginning of their careers. ”

ETI Educom

Education is about more than conveying information - it's about understanding how people think, learn, and truly grasp the material at hand.

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